APEX On-Demand Dispensing Pumps

APEX Dispensing Pumps from MotionSource are electrical powered pumps and packages with an on-demand sensing system.   You can always have air available for shop tools with this on-demand pump from Graco and MotionSource.  With outputs up to 650 psi and 4 gpm, you can easily add oil dispense to your operation without replacing your compressor.   The Graco line of APEX Dispensing Pumps are available in AC and DC configurations to meet your fluid transfer needs.

APEX Dispensing PumpsGraco’s APEX Dispensing Pumps are designed specifically to transfer bulk oils and hydraulic fluids anywhere. Larger horsepower motors offer flow rates up to eight gallons per minute (30 lpm).   Available with 12 VDC, 115 VAC and 230 VAC electric motors, they are the most versatile on the industrial market.

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APEX Dispensing Pumps Features

  • On-demand sensing system automatically starts and stops the pump
  • Low operating and installation costs
  • Available in 12 VDC and 115 VAC
  • TENV electric motor for demanding environments
  • Extremely quiet pump operation
  • Output flow is continuous and non-pulsating
  • Inlet and outlet check valves with thermal relief valves included

APEX Dispensing Pumps Ordering Info

APEX On-Demand Dispensing Pumps 
Item Number Description Price
260110 Model 260110, 2.3 gpm (9 lpm), 115 VAC *
370 psi (2.59 MPa, 25.9 bar) Maximum Working Pressure
260111 Model 260111, 3.0 gpm (11 lpm), 115 VAC *
550 psi (3.85 MPa, 38.5 bar) Maximum Working Pressure
260113 Model 260113, 4.0 gpm (16 lpm), 115 VAC *
470 psi (3.29 MPa, 32.9 bar) Maximum Working Pressure
260114 Model 260114, 4.0 gpm (16 lpm), 115 VAC *
650 psi (4.55 MPa, 45.5 bar) Maximum Working Pressure
260112 Model 260112, 3.0 gpm (11 lpm), 12 VDC *
400 psi (2.8 MPa, 28 bar) Maximum Working Pressure

System Design and Installation

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