BEKA Pump Systems

BEKAMAX & BEKA pumps are produced in three production sites and technology centers with a highly integrated manufacturing base to ensure dependable quality and reliable service to customers.  Their facilities are certified to ISO  9001:2008 and our environmental management is certified to ISO 14001:2009. All critical components in BEKA systems are produced in-house.

With 10% of the BEKAMAX & BEKA team dedicated to research and development, BEKA pumps have earned the reputation for innovation and customized solutions.  Because of this, BEKAMAX & BEKA has developed multiple lines of specialized systems for a wide range of industrial sectors, covering all mobile and stationary applications.  Along with BEKA pumps and distribution elements, BEKA is recognized for continuing innovation in environmental technology, monitoring electronics and telematics.BEKAMAX & BEKA

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With more than 90 years’ experience designing and manufacturing high performance BEKAMAX & BEKA pumps, BEKA engineering has led the central lubrication industry with generations of patents and innovations. BEKA standard lines now include solutions for virtually any system that runs on grease, from food processing to wind turbines. Reliable in the most severe working conditions and the most extreme climates, the BEKA name denotes quality.


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Service and Installation of BEKAMAX & BEKA Pumps 

Need help with design, service or installation of your oil or grease-based system?

With highly-trained technicians available 24/7 for field installations and a support and engineering team with over 150+ aggregate years of fluid power experience, MotionSource has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and the premier source for automated lubrication.

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

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