Bijur Controllers

Bijur controllers from MotionSource are economical, durable systems that extend the functionality and life of your equipment.   SC400 Bijur Controllers are full featured lubrication controls, offering “two plus one” functionality: Two independent lubrication zones may be programmed with a single controller, plus control of one automatic reservoir system.

Bijur ControllersWith the ability to operate a single pump and two zone valves or two separate pumps (e.g. one oil pump & one grease pump).  Each zone operates independently.  For single zone systems, the SC400 Controller also offers two intervals (ie weekday /weekend). using an external switch, the customer can quickly change lubrication intervals between two sets of off time. The SC400 also incorporates an automatic fll feature. The controller can activate a fill pump as needed to maintain proper fluid levels in the oil or grease reservoir.

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Bijur Controllers System Design and Installation

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