Bijur Divider Valves

Bijur divider valves and series progressive systems from MotionSource distribute and proportion incoming oil or grease to bearing points.  Typical Bijur divider valves consist of an inlet section, three to nine valves and an end section.  One assembly from MotionSource can serve up to a maximum of 18 lubrication points.  Location of valve blocks within the manifold while not critical – however, it is recommended that the largest block be located next to the inlet block.

Bijur Divider ValvesIndividual divider valve blocks have a sliding discharge piston and built-in outlet check valves.  Bijur divider valves are offered in three output sizes. The discharge capacity of a block is determined by varying the piston diameter in the valve block. Valve blocks have two outlets located at each end of the assembly (double outlet blocks) and supply rated discharge outputs from each of the two outlets during one complete valve cycle.

Individual valve blocks operate in a pre-arranged “progressive” sequence, begetting the name series progressive.  During operation, the piston within Bijur divider valves must complete a full discharge cycle before another piston begins operation.  As long as lubricant is supplied under pressure to the inlet section of the divider, manifold valve blocks will continue to operate in a progressive manner.

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Bijur Divider Valves Design and Installation

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