Bijur Injectors

Bijur injectors, both oil and grease, are in stock and ready to ship at MotionSource.  Designed for use in single line high pressure automatic grease systems, Bijur injectors deliver precise volumes of lubricant at predetermined intervals. Injectors are mounted in manifolds near the points of lubrication. A wide selection of discharge rates combined with a corrosion resistant finish, make this product ideally suited for mobile, wind and a broad selection of general industrial applications.

Bijur InjectorsBijur injectors use lubricant introduced under pressure at the inlet moves the injector piston forward. The piston displaces a precharge of lubricant from the discharge chamber through the outlet check valve and through the feed line. When system pressure is relieved, the piston returns to its rest position, transferring lubricant stored in the measuring chamber to the discharge chamber.  The injector is then ready for the next discharge cycle.

Bijur injectors are an exact replacement for Lincoln injectors. Guaranteed to be an exact fit or your money back.  Better engineered.  Longer lasting.  Plus, you can adjust output volume on each injector for a custom fit in any application.  There’s no reason to wait on Lincoln, we have your injectors in stock.

Call us for a free quote, 888-963-6686, email or simply complete the Quick Quote form to your right and we’ll get you the information you need.  We’re the industry experts and the Bijur experts at MotionSource.   With thousands of items in stock and ready to ship, give us a call at MotionSource today.

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Bijur Injectors Service and Installation

Need help with design, service or installation of your Bijur oil or grease injector based system?

With highly-trained technicians available 24/7 for field installations and a support and engineering team with over 150+ aggregate years of fluid power experience, MotionSource has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and the premier source for oil and grease injectors.

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

If you just need technical help, give us a call 888-963-6686.   No one has more Bijur experience, MotionSource is your Source for Bijur injectors!