Bijur Specialty Lube Products

Bijur specialty lube products from MotionSource fill the void that convention lube products miss.  So whatever your application we have you taken care of.  Use the advantage of our 40+ years of Bijur experience to help you with even the most obscure application.  Bijur specialty lube products are a great option when you need them.

Bijur Specialty LubeFrom oil recirculating systems to mist lubricators, Spin-Rev lubricators to oil meters, MotionSource has the Bijur specialty lube products you need.  An example is the Bijur oil recirculation systems that are not only used to pump oil to bearings or gears to lubricate them but also to purge them of wear debris and, if necessary, to remove heat introduced into the oil by power losses due to friction.

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Service and Installation of Bijur Specialty Lube Systems

Need help with design, service or installation of your oil or grease-based system?

With highly-trained technicians available 24/7 for field installations and a support and engineering team with over 150+ aggregate years of fluid power experience, MotionSource has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and the premier source for automated lubrication.

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

If you just need technical help, give us a call 888-963-6686 or email us at We’re here to help! Even our customer support team is Graco trained. MotionSource is your Source for you automated and centralized lubrication!