Complete Dust Stop Systems
refurbish, custom-design or built-to-spec

Motion Source Dust Stops custom fabrication

Complete custom fabrication from raw materials to industry-leading dust stops

We specialize in the refurbishment, custom fabrication and engineering of complete dust stop systems. Whether the typical Banbury-style mixer or other unique designs, our experts will collaborate with you to ensure our finished product operates precisely to your specifications.

Most units utilize hydraulic power and are designed to provide lubrication to the dust seals on each end of the rotors (typically two seals each per two rotors).  Process oil enters the mixing chamber and helps keep carbon black dust in the mixing system.  The lubrication oil remains outside of the mixing chamber to ensure compounds in the chamber do not escape into the environment.  The dust stop oil ensures proper pressure on the outside of the seal, keeping contaminants out and ensuring accurate mixing composition while not allowing cross-contamination. 

Our experts are experienced in both single and dual-motor/dual-pump configurations and will collaborate to craft the best design for your needs. We offer comprehensive design and support services and are committed to fully supporting all our products once delivered and installed.

After the initial design step (whether refurbishment, re-manufactured or new fabrication), our lead times can be as little as two weeks depending upon the complexity of the dust stop system required.

Our dust stop capabilities:

  • Built-to-spec
  • Design/engineer a new system
  • Refurbishment of existing system
  • Highest-quality internal components to exceed the most demanding needs
  • Custom-engineered panels based on needs
  • Finishing to your specs (paint, decals, etc.)
  • Fully supported after the sale
  • All replacement parts available (including pumps, motors, filters, etc.)
  • Will stock system-specific items upon request
  • Lead times as little as two weeks