Eni Lubricants

ENIEni Lubricants are used in a large variety of equipment and applications.

This deals with all types of products destined for the lubrication of industrial machines, such as hydraulic systems, turbines, compressors, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tools, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions. In all these categories, the one which has the most volumes is represented by the hydraulic oils.

Usually these hydraulic fluids are containing anti-wear additives to minimize wear of the pumps. In general, the inserting of additives in industrial lubricants, except for products with special applications, is not very high (maximum 5%), but that which is fundamental is the balance between the various additives in order to reach some particular performance.

Apart from the chemical/physical requirements on these Eni Lubricants, the most important requirement criteria on industrial lubricants have been specified in ISO/DIN standards.

In addition, manufacturers or components or machinery have their own specific requirements that prescribe additional tribological laboratory tests (e.g. friction and wear) or tests that simulate practical conditions.

Industrial lubricants too are mixtures of carefully matched components, the “base oils” and “additives”, which combine to determine behavior when in use, both in terms of performance and longer life.

Need Oil?  Call Chelsie

MotionSource International is proud to announce partnership with Eni Lubricants. Eni is a multi-national oil company, 11th largest in the world! MotionSource was named Eni’s exclusive North American distributor in early 2016.

MotionSource started at the top of the industry with over 60 years of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise. Formed by engineers and executives from multiple facets of the hydraulic and industrial lubricants industry, MotionSource International is proud to represent Graco, Trabon, Manzel, Raasm, Baldor, US Motors, LubeUSA, Weg, Rexroth, ChenYing, Bijur, Farval, and many more!

With Eni Lubricants added to our list we are excited to be your “one-stop-shop” for any industrial lubrication equipment and lubricant needs! From the engineering team to the customer service MotionSource is your source!

We are also taking this opportunity to introduce our newest member to the team to specifically focus on your industrial lubrication needs, Chelsie Fitch. She has experience in providing attentive detail oriented focus to her customers and excels at suggesting ways to help you and your company! With a background in lubrication and chemical sales she ready for your questions. MotionSource brought Chelsie along on this adventure not to sell you, rather to be your expert on Eni Lubricants and to show you how we are here to help you.

With Eni Lubricants being her focus with us at MotionSource she is most knowledgeable on how to correct the issues you didn’t even know were occurring!

Call us at MotionSource, your exclusive industrial distributor for Eni products.

Tell them you’re working with “The Source”, MotionSource.  Call us at 888-963-MOTO (888-963-6686) or email us.





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