Peace of mind for your bottom line.

That’s what MotionSource provides with Graco Frac Packs.

Graco automatic lubrication systems deliver benefit-driven solutions that save you time and money. Perfect for challenging, hazardous and harsh operating conditions of well services. Whether you need electric, hydraulic or pneumatic powered solutions, we’ve got you covered with multiple levels of control and monitoring.


Graco G3 PumpG3 Pump and Control
An advanced pump design offers multiple levels of control and monitoring. Use feedback from MHH blocks and from your
equipment to tailor and monitor the lubrication supply to critical components. Pumps are IP69K rated so no enclosure is necessary. Refilling is clean and easy with the quick connect stud.


MHHMHH Series Progressive Lubrication Blocks
Offers time-tested, field proven dependability in the harshest environments. Flow can be monitored using a proximity switch and performance indicators so problems can be pinpointed



Trabon MX Divider ValvesDouble Ball Check Valve
Ensures lubrication goes into the lube point and doesn’t get pushed back out. Stops any fluid back pressure from damaging the lubrication system.



Bottom-line Benefits

  • Consistent Performance
    • Continually monitored on-site lubrication regardless of length of operational schedules–24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Graco can lube it.
  • Equipment Cost-Savings
    • Protect your equipment from contamination, over or under lubrication and mechanical failure caused by improper lubrication.
  • Predictable Maintenance
    • Allows longer time between scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment working on the site.


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