Graco G3 Standard Pumps

The Graco G3 Standard Pump from MotionSource provides a high ROI and is a cost-effective pump designed to serve multiple markets and applications.

Graco G3 Standard Pump

G3 Standard

With three controllers to choose from and multiple zone and feedback options, even working with your PLC. It Includes one adjustable pump element–standard, plus room for two more. Plus offering multiple reservoir choices, this is a multipurpose pump for almost any application. Offering the ultimate in flexibility–it’s a high value, custom fit on your application at an economical price.

Extend machinery life, reduce operating costs and increase your productivity.

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The Graco G3 Standard Pump is available in 5 reservoir sizes,

2 Liter   4 Liter   8 Liter   12 Liter
Item Number   Item Number   Item Number   Item Number
96G000 96G038 96G039 96G057
96G001 96G040 96G041 96G171
96G002 96G042 96G043 96G199
96G003 96G044 96G045
96G005 96G048 96G049
96G006 96G051 96G052 16 Liter
96G007 96G053 96G056 Item Number
96G008 96G055 96G061 96G058
96G050 96G060 96G187 96G172
96G059 96G062 96G189 96G220
96G182 96G173 96G192 96G230
96G179 96G198
96G184 96G207
96G210 96G213
96G180 96G217
96G202 96G205
96G204 96G233

The G3 Pump can be controlled using an external, user supplied, power source and controller.

G3 Standard Pump Options and Specifications

Low Level Output Option

Some G3 pumps without controllers include a Low-Level Output Option. It can be configured with an M12 connector in code location “G” or with a DIN connector in code location “K”. (See Understanding the Model Number, page 4.) The low level signal is monitored across PINS 3 and 4.

Grease Pumps

When the grease level has reached a low warning level, PINS 3 and 4 momentarily close (1 time per paddle revolution) sending the signal that the fluid has reached a low level to the controller. To ensure that a low level condition has been met, 3 or more low level triggers must be detected within 1 minute or less.

Oil Pumps

When the oil level has reached a low warning level, PINS 3 and 4 close, sending the signal to the controller that the fluid has reached a low level. To ensure that a low level condition has been met, the low level trigger must be detected for 10 continuous seconds.

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