Gerhardt Lubricating Pumps

Gerhardt lubricating pumps from MotionSource have been a standard in the rubber industry for over 50 years.   As the #1 partner for Gerhardt pumps, no one can deliver you the price and delivery MotionSource can.  Gerhardt lubrication pumps are our specialty.

Gerhardt Lubricating PumpsAn in-line positive displacement pump, the Gerhardt lubricating pump or PE AD pump is a plunger-type unit capable of delivering accurate quantities of fluid under high pressure for both lubricating and process requirements. Capable of delivering precisely metered amounts of fluid under a wide range of pressures, the pump is especially suited for use with centralized lubricating systems.

The Gerhardt lubricating pump can be supplied in 1, 2, 3 or 4-cylinder versions adding to its versatility for your application.  Each cylinder can deliver a different lubricant for either lube oil or process oil service. It can be driven from either the right or left-hand side.   It’s one of the reasons the Gerhardt lubricating pump has been the standard for industrial rubber mixers, and pipeline and gas transmission compressors.

MotionSource is considered the technical “go to” Source for all things Gerhardt. We can design, engineer and install custom and standard applications.  MotionSource can also help if you need an existing pump repaired or reconfigured in place of buying a new pump.  Need technical advice?  It’s always free, just call 888-963-MOTO (888-963-6686), email us at or use the “Quick Quote” form to the right.

Gerhardt Lubricating Pumps Ordering Information

If your new pump is replacing an existing Gerhardt lubricating pump, the simplest method to insure a seamless integration is to provide MotionSource the serial number of the existing pump.  This is located both on the serial plate and is etched into the pump body.

If no serial number is available or this is a new application, simply download and complete the handy information form below, email it to us at  and we’ll have your quote back to you within the hour.


Download Your Gerhardt Configuration Helper


Gerhardt Lubricating Pumps Features

  • Supplied with up to four cylinders with a speed range 50 RPM to 1000 RPM.
  • Each cylinder can deliver a different lubricant with a minimum delivery per cylinder of 10 pints per day.
  • High-volume, high-pressure operation with bidirectional rotation.
  • Durable construction of aircraft grade aluminum and all hardened steel wear parts.
  • Complete engineering services available with MotionSource, most often at no charge.
  • Repair services and warranty repair available with MotionSource.
  • MotionSource offers extended warranties on all Gerhardt lubricating pumps.

System Design and Installation

Not sure of what you need?  Our years of engineering innovative automated lubrication systems, plus regularly being named a Gerhardt premier partner means that the components you need are in stock right now.

Order today, Ship Today.  Call us 888-963-6686 or email us at to speak with one of our industry experts.

With hundreds of thousands of parts in stock, we have what you need, when you need it!  This inventory of proven components allows our engineers to design a truly customized system using economical on-the-shelf parts.

Looking for technical data? Product manuals?  Our expert technicians are available to help.  When you’re working with MotionSource, you’re working with “The Source”.


Download Your Gerhardt Manual