Gerhardt Lubrication Pumps

Gerhardt Lubrication Pumps have been serving the rubber industry for over 50 years, Gerhardt Pumps from MotionSource, are the industry standard.  As the premier Gerhardt distributor, our engineering team is always a step ahead with the latest from Gerhardt.  Need help with your pump?  Our team of engineers are the first and only to offer training classes.  That’s what you get working with “The Source“, MotionSource!

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Gerhardt Lubrication Pumps

Gerhardt Lubrication Pump

The Gerhardt lubrication pumps is the in-line positive displacement plunger type capable of delivering accurate quantities of fluid under high pressure for both lubrication and process requirements. The pump is capable of delivering precisely metered amounts of fluid under a wide range of pressures and is especially suited for use with centralized lubricating systems.


Gerhardt Lubrication Pumps utilize an eccentric camshaft for actuating the plunger in a uniform stroke. The pump plunger is driven upward by the camshaft on the pressure cycle and is returned by a spring for the inlet cycle. The plunger is precision fitted to its mating barrel so as to make it unnecessary to utilize any special packing or seals. The plunger and its mating barrel are furnished as a matched set and cannot be interchanged. The metering ability of the pump is accomplished y rotating the plunger in the barrel. This design makes it possible to set an exactly measured amount of fluid to be delivered at any given pressure that the pump is capable of delivering and at any speed up to and including 1000 RPM.

The pump housing  of Gerhardt Pumps are made of an aircraft grade aluminum and all steel wear parts are hardened. The camshaft is mounted on precision roller bearings which in turn are mounted in detachable end caps thus insuring ease of serviceability. The camshaft and bearings, which are located in the base or camshaft compartment of the pump, are lubricated by a supply of non-detergent 20 wt. motor oil which can easily be checked with the pump dip stick. The camshaft lubricating oil is completely separated from the pumped media and should therefore be checked periodically for both cleanliness and level. The Gerhardt Lubricating Pump is extremely versatile and can be furnished in one, two, three, or four cylinder versions. The pump can be ordered driven from either right or left hand side. It can be driven wither clockwise or counterclockwise.

Gerhardt Lubrication Pumps History

It should be noted that for many years Gerhardt Model “B” Lubricating Pumps were manufactured. This pump was discontinued at the beginning of 1978 and replaced with the current Model “AD” Pump. The only differences between the Model “B” and the current Model “AD” Pump are that the “AD” Pump is smaller in overall size and the mounting arrangement is different. Those customers with a Model “B” Gerhardt Lubricating Pump and who require replacement, the “AD” Pump will be supplied. The changeover will require virtually no changes in the piping and the “AD” Pump can be supplied at the customer’s request with a Gerhardt mounting adaptor assembly which will allow the “AD” Pump to be mounted in the exact location as the existing Model “B” Pump. The mounting plate for applying the Gerhardt Model “AD” Pump in place of the Model “B” Pump is fully described in the drawing.