GL1 Grease Injector

GL1 Grease Injector from MotionSource offer heavy duty performance without the long lead time of the competition. GL1 grease injectors give you the quality you expect from Graco and provides consistent performance in rugged environments . With more operating pressure to the grease point than competition, there are vent holes to leak lubricants.

GL1 Grease Injector

GL1 Grease Injector

IN STOCK and ready to ship.  Graco GL1 grease injectors are an exact retrofit for both Lincoln and Bijur injectors without the 8-10 week wait.

Graco GL1 grease injectors allow you to custom fit your system with an injector engineered to be better than the competition. Designed to meet the needs of each lube point, these precision-honed systems provide years of reliable operation in the harshest operating environments. At MotionSource you can choose between the standard GL1 or GL1 HCP (High Corrosion Protection) models or for heavier duty applications that require higher output select between the GL1 X or GL1 XL.

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Graco GL1 Grease Injector Features

• The GL-1, GL-1 HCP, GL-1 X, and GL-1 XL injectors are offered both as a stand-alone and a replacement       injector for manifold systems for easy customization to a variety of applications
• Includes an adjustable hex head nut to make adjusting the output simple.
• No vent holes and fully enclosed press fittings to prevent leaking lubricant
• Convenient top-mounted cycle pin indicator for quick confirmation that the injector is functioning properly
• Rugged, single piece uni-body design built for the harshest environments

GL1 Grease Injector







Graco GL-1 Grease Injector Part Numbers

Graco GL1 Injector Part Numbers   Graco GL1 X Injector Part Numbers
Points   GL1   Replaces Lincoln   Points   GL1X   Replaces Lincoln
1 114901 81770-1 1 24X801 85770-1
2 114902 81770-2 2 24X802 85770-2
3 114903 81770-3 3 24X803 85770-3
4 114904 81770-4 4 24X804 85770-4
5 114905 81770-5 5 24X805 85770-5
6 117206 NA 6 24X806 85770-6


Graco GL1XL  Injector Part Numbers
Points   GL1XL   Replaces Lincoln
1 24X811 85780-1
2 24X812 85780-2
3 24X813 85780-3
4 24X814 85780-4
5 24X815 85780-5
6 24X816 85780-6


Service and Installation of Injector Based Systems

Need help with design, service or installation of your Graco GL-1 Grease Injector based system?  MotionSource has a 24/7 full-service team ready to help with what you need, when you need it.  Our service technicians are Graco trained and certified to help with your injector needs.

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

If you just need technical help, give us a call 888-963-6686.  All of our customer support team is Graco trained as well.  MotionSource is your Source for Graco GL-1 Grease Injectors!

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