Macedonia, OH. (August 25, 2014) – MotionSource International today was named the top Graco distributor in North America during the month of July. Graco recognizes its top 5 distributors each month on its website and MotionSource has been a top 5 distributor all year. July however is the first time the Macedonia based company has been #1. With a focus in energy and mining, MotionSource has risen from a new distributor to the #1 Graco distributor in less than two years.

“Graco’s Manzel lubricators are a quality product” said Doug Karpowicz, MotionSource Principal and co-Founder. “They stand up to the high demands our customers place on them and, quite frankly, what our engineering team here demands. We wouldn’t sell these if our engineers weren’t confident in their quality. Being named Graco’s top distributor is a testimony to both our people here and the quality people and products from Graco.”

In less than two years MotionSource has grown from a new distributor, to the top in Ohio and now #1 in North America. In addition to the energy industry, MotionSource has developed customers in the rubber, steel and food processing industries.

“It’s like our motto says, we move industry forward with the best products at the best prices.” said Karpowicz. “Our engineering team is probably the top group in their field and along with our customer service group we are showing customers that Graco is the leader in energy and rubber industry support.”

About MotionSource International

MotionSource International LLC is a company formed by engineers and executives from different facets of the hydraulic and industrial lubricants industry all with a focus on service to our customers. As a premier supplier of Graco, Manzel, Trabon, Gerhardt pumps and RAASM lubrication systems you’re assured the best products at the best pricing. We understand your needs as our product offering consists of industry leaders in pumping, dispensing and monitoring. We provide benefit driven industrial lubricant solutions that provide peace of mind for your bottom line. Join the people who tell you that now they’re, “working with The Source, MotionSource.”

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Chip Hautala, Principal