Graco G3 Max Pump

The Graco G3 Max Pump from MotionSource features three controllers to choose from with multiple zone and feedback options. Includes one adjustable pump element–standard, plus room for two more. Multiple reservoir choices and more! The Graco G3 Max pump is the ultimate in flexibility–for a high value, custom fit on your application.

Graco G3 Max Pump

G3 Max

With the Graco G3 Max pump you can work faster and smarter with Graco’s exclusive Data Management System (DMS). Find out exactly how your lubrication system is performing and how well it’s lubricated. The DMS tracks history, provides data protection, upload or download data using a simple USB flash drive.

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Graco G3 Max Pump Features

  • Built-in controller with selectable pump on/pump off timer
  • Low level indicator provides low warning and shut-down alarm
  • Manual run initiates lube cycle on-demand (remote option also available)
  • Password protection safeguards
  • Pre-lube function can initiate lube cycle on start-up
  • Up to three pressure or cycle switch inputs to ensure proper lubrication cycles
  • Mix/match cycle and pressure switches for custom installations and feedback
  • Machine count input–ideally suited for inconsistently used equipment
  • Fault indication to external alarms
  • Optional Data Management System™ (DMS)

Graco G3 Max DMS

Graco G3 Max Part Numbers

2 Liter   4 Liter   8 Liter   12 Liter   16 Liter
Item Number   Item Number   Item Number   Item Number   Item Number
96G017 96G088 96G089 96G105 96G106
96G018 96G090 96G093 96G120 96G121
96G019 96G092 96G097 96G164 96G166
96G020 96G094 96G100 96G165 96G168
96G021 96G096 96G104 96G231 96G169
96G023 96G099 96G109 96G185
96G024 96G103 96G112 96G201
96G025 96G108 96G119 96G219
96G026 96G111 96G124
96G030 96G113 96G127
96G031 96G116 96G142
96G032 96G118 96G144
96G035 96G123 96G146
96G036 96G126 96G152
96G037 96G128 96G154
96G098 96G133 96G156
96G107 96G141 96G158
96G110 96G143 96G176
96G115 96G145 96G177
96G122 96G151 96G186
96G125 96G153 96G191
96G132 96G155 96G195
96G174 96G157 96G197
96G178 96G159 96G209
96G190 96G160 96G215
96G206 96G161 96G216


Service and Installation

Need help with service or installation of your Graco G3 Max pump?  MotionSource has a 24/7 full-service team ready to help with what you need, when you need it.  Our service technicians are Graco trained and certified to help with your pump needs.

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

If you just need technical help, give us a call 888-963-6686.  All of our customer support team is Graco trained as well.  MotionSource is your Source for Graco G3 Max pumps!


Download Your Graco G3 Max Pump Manual