Graco Lubrication Pumps and Valves


Graco Lubrication Pumps, valves and petroleum management (PMG) from MotionSource, are one of the world’s premier manufacturers of fluid-handling equipment and systems. Graco has pioneered technology and equipment for a wide variety of fluid handling applications. All starting in 1926 when a Minneapolis parking lot attendant, Russell Gray invented a better way to lubricate cars than by using hand-operated grease guns.

Graco Lubrication PumpsDiverse and consistent, Graco Lubrication Pumps and Valves squeeze tomato paste onto millions of frozen pizzas, pumps oil and lubricating fluids into millions of cars, applies paint to homes, business and industrial installations, and that it helps give cars made around the world their high-gloss finishes. As a Graco Platinum and Gold partner, MotionSource is your Source for genuine Graco products and warranty repairs.

MotionSource is considered the technical “go to” Source for all things Graco industrial. We can design, engineer and install custom and standard applications. Though it seldom happens, when your Graco equipment needs repair, MotionSource is a full-service Graco repair center as well.

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Graco Industrial Lubrication Equipment

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Graco Petroleum Management

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MotionSource offers Graco’s full line of quality equipment to meet the varying needs of vehicle maintenance and repair. We can streamline your processes and move more lubricants through your shop. With reliable, high-quality equipment you can depend on for fuel, diesel, antifreeze, oil and grease, there’s only one Source for quality Graco Petroleum Management products.

Graco’s versatile fluid inventory control and fluid management systems are designed to accurately track the use of oil, grease and other automotive fluids at vehicle maintenance facilities, and their lubrication equipment ensures fluids get to the right spot in any application onsite or off. From light-duty applications to high-performance concepts designed for heavy-duty jobs, our equipment is known for its rugged, durable and long-life design.