MotionSource International, headquartered in Solon, OH, announced hiring a new industrial lubrication and hydraulics representative, Heather Pucci, according to MotionSource CEO Chip Hautala.

Pucci has previously worked in the industrial division at Hunter and corporate sales for Sheetz Corporation.  Pucci cited her desire to pursue an opportunity that would benefit from her customer service skills and noted the culture of MotionSource as being a motivating force.

“I’m excited about the opportunities that come with a company like MotionSource and I look forward to furthering relationships in the industry,” Pucci said. “Continuing to build customer relationships, and developing new partners, that’s the kind of focus I enjoy.”

She added she looks forward to the unified team mentality of MotionSource.Pucci

“I had been calling on MotionSource, and Chip specifically, for a few years.  From the outside, I could observe how he guides his team and it was always encouraging to see MotionSource’s growth and joint effort.  I knew it was the right choice,” she said.

MotionSource is a Platinum Partner of Graco Industries, premier supplier of Trabon and Manzel pumps and industrial lubrication.  They are also the largest Gerhardt pump partner in the US.

“Heather has an impressive record and I personally observed her loyalty to her customers.  She’s 24/7 when it comes to making sure they’re taken care of. She just doesn’t quit.  She impressed me from the first time she called on me,” said MotionSource CEO Chip Hautala.


About MotionSource International

MotionSource International was formed by engineers and executives from around the hydraulic and industrial lubrication industries. Their focus has been to improve the quality of the customer experience while providing industry-leading expertise. As a premier supplier of Trabon, Manzel, Gerhardt, RAASM and LubeUSA lubrication systems, MotionSource is able to afford their customers the best solutions at the best pricing. Additionally, they are also a top supplier of Baldor, US Motors and WEG motors. With this many industry-leading brands at their fingertips, MotionSource has been driving lubrication, dispensing and monitoring solutions that greatly impact the customers’ bottom lines. Find out more at or call 1.888.963.MOTO.