LUBE PDI Systems

The LUBE PDI (Positive Displacement Injector System) is available in several different models.  These lightweight, compact pumps make a big impact in terms of production and reliability.  Designed with a small profile, it’s the perfect fit in any application and is a workhorse.  The LUBE PDI system makes sense in today’s industry.


PDI Systems

The LUBE PDI, like the AMI-Type continuous delivery motor driven gear pump delivers a precise small amount of oil for lubrication from the distributor to the lubrication points. The AMZ-III is a lightweight, compact pump unit with oil level and pressure switches as standard equipment.

The LUBE PDI unit, PM-8S is a pneumatically activated piston pump used with positive displacement injector systems.  With a 1:5 ratio, the PM-8Soffers an optional 3-way solenoid valve adding more flexibility to your applications.

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LUBE PDI Systems Installation

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