LubePro A1900 Pump

Graco’s LubePro A1900 pump from MotionSource lubricate your machinery faster, with more reliable pumping technology. Extend equipment life and improve productivity with downtime a faded memory. The LubePro A1900 pump offers a robust solution when you need high output and fast lubrication cycles.

LubePro A1900 Pump

LubePro A1900

The LubePro A1900 is the preferred solution for simple, injector-based automatic lubrication systems. Compatible with GL-42 and GL-43 oil injectors, LubePro pumps are a durable, cost effective single stroke oil pump for your automated lubrication systems. With a pressure ratio of 19:1, the A1900 delivers a greater output than competitive models at 3.0 in per stroke. Plus there is no wait like the competition, MotionSource has LubePro A1900 pumps in stock and ready to ship today.

IN STOCK at MotionSource. Why wait on an 10-12-week lead time from the competition when MotionSource has your LubePro in stock, ready to ship today. Call us at 888-963-6686, email us or use the “Quick Quote” form to the right.

Simple to install on your existing airline, the pneumatic powered LubePro is engineered with high quality seals built to outperform it’s Lincoln competition. LubePro pumps leverage the same proven quality and leading technology as Graco Fireball pumps, proven in the industry for 60 years.

In stock and an exact replacement for Lincoln Centro Matic pumps, right down to the bolt holes. A better engineered pump available today, not in 10 weeks from Graco and MotionSource.  Plus with the LubePro A1900, your low level is factory installed.

LubePro A1900 Pump Features

• LubePro A1900 is compatible with GL-42 and GL-43 injectors
• Pressure Ratio of 19:1
• A1900 delivers a greater output than Lincoln Centro Matic models at 3.0 in³ per stroke
• Pneumatic power makes it easy to install into existing air line
• Optional Low Level Detection available, factory installed
• Integrated vent automatically and reliably relieves pressure on return stroke, no pressure switch and wiring required
• Engineered with higher-quality seals tested to outperform the Lincoln Centro Matic
• Higher-strength, shatter resistant, 2 liter reservoir
• Optimally lubricates while your machines are running
• Provides accurate, reliable lubrication for every lube point
• Provides higher lube output and faster lubrication cycle


LubePro A1900 Pump Ordering Information

LubePro A1900 Part Numbers
Item Number   Low Level   Air Ratio   Replaces Lincoln
17C753 19:1 82570
17C752 Normally Open 19:1 82570*
19C752 Normally Closed 19:1 82570*
18C753 BSPP 19:1 82570
18C752 BSPP Normally Open 19:1 82570*
20C752 BSPP Normally Closed 19:1 82570*
  • Lincoln requires a separate kit at additional cost to install low level

Service and Installation of LubePro and Injector Systems

Need help with design, service or installation of your oil or grease based system?

With highly-trained technicians available 24/7 for field installations and a support and engineering team with over 150+ aggregate years of fluid power experience, MotionSource has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and the premier source for automated lubrication.

We have completed thousands of customer installations and are recognized as the industry leader.

If you just need technical help, give us a call 888-963-6686.  All of our customer support team is Graco trained as well.  MotionSource is your Source for you automated and centralized lubrication!

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