The Manzel MHH Series from MotionSource delivers highly accurate lube delivery for demanding high pressure grease and oil applications.  

  • Quick change valve sections can be removed from the base assembly without disturbing any lube lines–minimizing labor cost and maximizing your machine uptime.
  • Can be easily accessorized with magnetic and electronic proximity switch cycle indicators to provide positive assurance of a successful lube event.
  • Alternate outlet on face of valves can be fitted with optional performance indicators, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.
  • Built-in outlet check valves ensure accurate lube delivery every time

Manzel DSL Box Lubricators and Pumps

For lubricating compressors and industrial equipment

Manzel GBL 7500

Compressor Lubrication Pump

Manzel Lube-Line Alert

Manzel MBL Box Lubricator

Compressor Lubrication Systems

Manzel MHH Divider Valves

Series Progressive Metering Device

Manzel Model 25 Lubricator

Automatic, precision metering for all types of machinery

Manzel Model Hp-15 High Pressure Lubricators

For multi-stage gas compression

Manzel Model HP-50 High Pressure Lubricators

For lubricating compressor and circulatory cylinder walls, heavily loaded…

Manzel Lubemation System

The Manzel Lubemation System from MotionSource is designed for accurate, trouble-free automatic fluid lubrication of the engines, compressors, machines, and equipment used in every industry.


Manzel MH Feeder

The MH Feeder from MotionSource is the heart of the Lubemation System. It insures uniformity of lubricant delivery end eliminates the need for constant monitoring and adjustment of individual lubrication points, with consequent manpower savings and greater operating convenience and safety. It eliminates the human factor, so frequently the cause of costly failures and excessive downtime. It drastically reduces piping and simplifies pump requirements, substantially cuts lubricant costs, and often permits increased production rates.


Force Feed Lubricators

The Manzel Force Feed Lubricators are precision metering pumps operating within steel fabricated reservoirs which contain lubricant (either mineral oil base or synthetic) to be pumped. Each pumping unit with its sight feed supplies a single point of lubrication. Lubricators may be furnished in single or multi-feed units for any number of points of lubrication, in a wide choice of adjustable feeds, single or multi-compartment reservoirs, various drives and arrangements, for a broad range of lubricants, viscosities and desired line pressures. Each Manzel Lubricator Pumping Unit is fitted with an integral sight feed showing the flow of lubricant into each line.


Lube Sentry

The Graco Lube Sentry valves are designed to shutdown equipment in case of oil flow failure in continuous flow lubrication systems. Both the electrical and pneumatic models are field adjustable to compensate for differences in viscosity, temperature, flow rates, etc.


Manzel Lube-Line Alert

The Manzel Lube-Line Alert from MotionSource is an easily installed electrical device providing protection for compressors, pumps, engines and equipment employing any make or type of force feed lubrication system.  Installed as close to each point as possible, the unit acts as a sentinel to indicate flow or no-flow at any point in the system ahead of the Lube-Line Alert inlet. U.L. approved.