Trabon MHH Divider Valves

Trabon MHH Divider Valves from MotionSource are basically the same capable design as the Trabon MSP Series, but with even tighter and more exacting tolerances. The Trabon MHH Series delivers highly accurate lube delivery for demanding high pressure grease and oil applications. MotionSource is your source for genuine Manzel MHH divider valves from Graco.

MHH Divider Valves

MHH Divider Valves

Trabon MHH divider valves are configured for a higher pressure for use in gas engines, compressors, and similar equipment at pressures up to 6000 PSI and 7500 PSI. MHH divider valves precisely proportion a volume of oil to satisfy the different requirements of every point in a lube system. They operate in sequential fashion to ensure that no point is missed. It’s series-progressive design provides ready monitoring capability.

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Trabon MHH divider valves are available for use with petroleum or synthetic oils and at pressures up to 7500 PSI. The modular, stackable sub-plate design provides maximum application flexibility. Accessory components are available for visual diagnostics and electrical monitoring.


Trabon MHH Divider Valves Features

  • Use in terminating oil systems at pressures up to 7500 PSI (517 bar)
  • Lubricate up to 16 points from one divider valve assembly.
  • Soft-seal O-ring construction and indicator ports minimize leakage and reduce maintenance.
  • Built-in check valves prevent lube back flow and help keep lube lines full.
  • Stackable sub-plate design simplifies build-up, installation and maintenance.
  • Ample clearance between outlet connections for elbows and 3/8″ lube lines.
  • Performance indicators, cycle indicators and proximity switches monitor divider valve action to simplify troubleshooting and repair.
  • Choice of SAE or NPSF inlet and outlet connections
  • Choice of 70 Durometer Buna-N or 90 Durometer Fluor elastomer O-rings.

Trabon MHH Divider Valves Part Numbers

MHP Part Numbers MHH Part Numbers
Size   Item Number   Old Item#   Size   Item Number   Old Item#
6T 562667 106-000-085 6T 562685 106-000-595
6S 562661 106-000-025 6S 562679 106-000-465
9T 562668 106-000-095 9T 562686 106-000-605
9S 562662 106-000-035 9S 562680 106-000-475
12T 562669 106-000-105 12T 562687 106-000-615
12S 562663 106-000-045 12S 562681 106-000-485
18T 562670 106-000-115 18T 562688 106-000-625
18S 562664 106-000-055 18S 562682 106-000-495
24T 562671 106-000-125 24T 562689 106-000-635
24S 562665 106-000-065 24S 562683 106-000-505
30T 562672 106-000-135 30T 562690 106-000-645
30S 562666 106-000-075 30S 562684 106-000-515
MHH With Cycle Pin Right
Size   Item Number   Old Item#
18T 562676 106-000-235
18S 562674 106-000-205
24T 562677 106-000-245
24S 564252 106-000-215
30T 562678 106-000-255
30S 562675 106-000-225


MotionSource Designs and Builds MHH Valves

Did you know your divider valve assemblies can be designed, built and installed by MotionSource?  With a 24/7 full-service team, our Graco trained technicians speak your language and can complete assembly at our site or yours.  Every unit is tested before shipment and 100% guaranteed.

Order Today, Ship Today.  Trabon MHH divider valves are in stock and available for same day shipping.

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