Trabon MJ Divider Valves

Trabon MJ divider valves from MotionSource are compact and customizable divider blocks for machine tool, product or press equipment. With a built-in outlet check valves to ensure accurate lube delivery every time, Trabon MJ divider valves are also space efficient. The ability for from 6 to 16 points from one block assembly makes it the perfect choice for tight spaces.

Trabon MJ Divider Valves

MJ Divider Valves

A typical Trabon MJ divider valve assembly consists of an inlet section, end section and three to eight valve sections. One manifold will serve up to a maximum of 16 lube points. The MJ valve sections, which have built-in outlet check valves, are available in various output sizes. Each twin (T) section has 2 outlets, one from each side of the section. Each single (S) section can have an outlet on either side but the outlet on one side must be plugged for the section to operate properly.

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Trabon MJ Divider Valve Features

• Delivers metered amount of lubricant
• Compact design
• Simple to install
• Built-in outlet check valves

MJ Part Numbers
Size   Item Number   Old Item#
10S, 562500 001-005-001
10T, 562503 001-005-002
10S 562501 001-010-001
10T 562504 001-010-002
10S 562508 001-010-601
10T 562510 001-010-602
15S, 562512 001-010-611
15T, 562513 001-010-612
15S* 562502 001-015-001
15T* 562505 001-015-002
15S** 562509 001-015-601
15T** 562511 001-015-602
Inlet 001-015-611
End 564205 001-015-612
Tie Rod 3 557515 510-999-030
Tie Rod 4 557516 510-999-040
Tie Rod 5 557517 510-999-050
Tie Rod 6 557518 510-999-060
Tie Rod 7 557519 510-999-070
Tie Rod 8 557520 510-999-080
Nut 556371 410-440-010
* with cycle indicator right
** with cycle indicator left


MotionSource Designs and Builds MJ Valves

Did you know your divider valve assemblies can be designed, built and installed by MotionSource?  With a 24/7 full-service team, our Graco trained technicians speak your language and can complete assembly at our site or yours.  Every unit is tested before shipment and 100% guaranteed.

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