Trabon MSP Divider Valves

Trabon MSP Divider Valves from MotionSource are genuine Trabon from Graco. It’s industry standard for quality, reliability, and ease of use features. Trabon was the original modular-style series progressive divider valve–and customers agree it’s still the best!

A Series-Flo type divider valve is a manifold proportioning device consisting of an inlet and end section plus a minimum of three valve sections. The divider valve is manifolded together with tie rods and nuts. A master divider valve is the first divider valve downstream from the lube pump. A secondary divider valve is any divider valve receiving lubricant from the master divider valve Graco is pleased to now offer MSP Stainless Steel Divider Valves! You get more durability with the same high-quality performance and precision machining as the carbon steel version.

Trabon MSP Divider ValvesCall us for a free quote, 888-963-6686 or email or simply complete the Quick Quote form to your right and we’ll give you a call back!  With lubrication kits in stock and ready to ship, give us a call at MotionSource today.  We can design and build your Trabon MSP Divider Valves configuration and ship same day!

The new stainless-steel MSP valves and accessories are made for harsh and food grade conditions. Salty air or areas needing repetitive cleaning, with durable 303 materials and a design with proven success.

MotionSource specializes in MSP valve assemblies, built to your specs.  Not sure what you need?  Speak with any of our Graco trained technicians and we’ll make sure your configuration is right.  100% guaranteed.  For the food service and processing industry, stainless steel is a must.  Trabon MSP valves by Graco are available at MotionSource in stainless steel.


Trabon MSP Divider Valves Ordering Information

Order Today, Ship Today with MotionSource.  We can build MSP valve assemblies to ship the same day insuring your equipment stays running.

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MSP Block Part Numbers MSP Block Part Numbers- Stainless
Item Description Item Description
560919 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, NPSF 24B474  MSP 05S – SST
560936 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, BSPP 562755  MSP 10S – SST
560943 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, SAE 24B475  MSP 15S – SST
560976 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, ISO 6149 562756  MSP 20S – SST
562660 Bypass 24B476  MSP 25S – SST
562711 MSP 05S 24B477  MSP 30S – SST
562712 MSP 10S 24B478  MSP 35S – SST
562713 MSP 15S 562757  MSP 40S -SST
562714 MSP 20S 24B479  MSP 05T – SST
562715 MSP 25S 562758  MSP 10T – SST
562716 MSP 30S 24B480  MSP 15T – SST
562717 MSP 35S 562759  MSP 20T – SST
562718 MSP 40S 24B481  MSP 25T – SST
562720 MSP 05T 24B482  MSP 30T -SST
562721 MSP 10T 24B483  MSP 35T – SST
562722 MSP 15T 562760  MSP 40T – SST
562723 MSP 20T 24B497 MSP Base Block NPTF, SST
562724 MSP 25T 24N369 BLOCK, base, MSP, BSPP, SST
562725 MSP 30T 15Y070 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, NPTF, SST
562726 MSP 35T 16P368 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, BSPP, SST
562727 MSP 40T 24B498 BLOCK, end, MSP, SST
562729 IND MSP 20S 563469 69 KIT, crossport bar, right
562730 IND MSP 25S 563470 KIT, crossport bar, left
562731 IND MSP 30S 563471 KIT, crossport bar, both
562732 IND MSP 35S 24R631 KIT, crossport, MSP, LH/RH, sst
562733 IND MSP 40S 24R632 KIT, crossport, MSP, RH, sst
562734 IND left MSP 20S 24R633 KIT, crossport, MSP, LH, sst
562735 IND left MSP 25S 126247 Tie Rod 3 section, MSP, SST (3
562736 IND left MSP 30S 126248 Tie Rod 4 section, MSP, SST (3
562737 IND left MSP 35S 126249 Tie Rod 5 section, MSP, SST (3
562738 IND left MSP 40S 126250 Tie Rod 6 section, MSP, SST (3
562739 IND MSP 20T 126251 Tie Rod 7 section, MSP, SST (3
562740 IND MSP 25T 126252 Tie Rod 8 section, MSP, SST (3
562741 IND MSP 30T
562742 IND MSP 35T MSP Tie Rods
562743 IND MSP 40T Item Description
562744 IND left MSP 20T 557731 Tie Rod 3 section, MSP
562745 IND left MSP 25T 557732 Tie Rod 4 section, MSP
562746 IND left MSP 30T 557733 Tie Rod 5 section, MSP
562747 IND left MSP 35T 557734 Tie Rod 6 section, MSP
562748 IND left MSP 40T 557735 Tie Rod 7 section, MSP
563279 BLOCK, MSP end w/alt inlet 557736 Tie Rod 8 section, MSP
563421 BLOCK, inlet, MSP, NPSF, w/bleed 557738 Tie Rod 9 section, MSP
563422 BLOCK, inlet, MSP SAE w/bleed 557739 Tie Rod 10 section, MSP
563424 BLOCK, end, MSP 557740 Tie Rod 11 section, MSP
563425 BLOCK, base, MSP NPSF 556371 NUT, 1/4 – 28
563447 BLOCK, base, MSP, BSPP 558633 NUT, SST 1/4 – 28 light hex (3 r
563451 BLOCK, base, MSP, SAE
563472 KIT, singling bar
563479 Base block, MSP w/No outlets

System Design and Installation of Trabon MSP Divider Valves

Not sure of what you need?  Our years of engineering innovative automated lubrication systems, plus regularly being named a Graco Platinum and Gold Partner means that the components you need are in stock right now.

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With hundreds of thousands of parts in stock, we have what you need, when you need it!  This inventory of proven components allows our engineers to design a truly customized system using economical on-the-shelf parts.

Looking for technical data? Product manuals?  Our expert technicians are available to help.  When you’re working with MotionSource, you’re working with “The Source”.

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