Machine Manufacturers & Distributors MVP Partner Program


For years MotionSource has provided custom lubrication solutions to machinery manufacturing companies assisting them in delivering a complete solution to their customers.  The MVP Partner Program represents a commitment by MotionSource to provide your customers with a first-class experience.

We manufacture lubrication solutions by combining industry leading components into comprehensive solutions like duststops and other custom lubrication workbenches. Call us today to discuss how the MVP Partner Program can be tailored to provide a seamless experience for your customers.


  1. Design custom lubrication kits, with customer-specific instructions, videos, and on-demand training.
  2. Stock enough lubrication kits to supply you for a quarter, ensuring supply chain issues with these critical components do not affect your delivery and installation schedules.
  3. Collaborate with you to ensure we are offering the latest technologies to your customers for new product offerings as our businesses evolve.


Imagine your next ten customers. Will they each buy the right size pump, the same number of valves, the correct tubing, and add the needed indicators and blowout disks to protect their equipment? Without a predefined kit, your customers will use their best effort. Yet odds are, at least one of them will fail to provide the correct lubrication solution. So what is the impact? Your machine will fail at some point in the future. And despite it being from no fault of your own, the machine will be viewed as the unreliable component. And by failing to perform, it impacts their productivity and reflects negatively on your organization in the eyes of the customer.

As your partner, we are committed to providing turnkey lubrication kits that will prevent damage to your products, ensure your reputation, and greatly improve your customer’s experience.


The lubrication industry provides a wide assortment of components that can be mixed and matched to create lubrication solutions. In collaboration with you, we will:

• Create a custom lubrication kit for each product line, including all engineering to use
the correct pumps, valves, tubing and warning devices to ensure correct lubrication.

• Create a custom video and/or manual of the specific installation process.

• Create a custom video and/or manual of the routine maintenance procedures.

• Create a custom troubleshooting video and/or manual.


We will customize the MVP Partner Program for you, dependent upon a number of business-impacting criteria. Some of these criteria include:

• Do you install/deliver your equipment or do customers hire other vendors for installation/final delivery?

• Do you want to sell our customized lubrication kits, recommend our kits, or simply provide kit
information as an informational example?

• Do you want a single, standard solution to reduce complexity in supporting your customers?

• Would you prefer to offer kits crafted from parts from more than one vendor?

• We are an authorized reseller for Graco, Bijur, Farvel, Gerhardt, RAASM and Lube Corp, which allows
us to provide kits based on the solutions from different manufacturers and different price points.

• Do you want to us assist you with troubleshooting situations or would you prefer your customers call
MotionSource directly for technical support?

• We can create customer-specific training courses to prepare your customer for these solutions.

We are committed to creating custom programs that meet the needs and objectives of your organization.


We understand your customer’s experience is strategically important to your organization. We consider it strategically important to us as well. We must provide the best possible service to your customer.

• Reliable availability of the customized kit is strategic to your customers’ implementation schedules and we
know we cannot count on our suppliers to be perfect. In order to ensure stock, we will maintain a
stock of kits ready to ship.

• Replacement parts for lubrication kits will be in stock, assuring same-day shipping when required.

• We will provide an investment protection plan, a 10-year warranty for all parts in the kit, under which we will
keep replacement parts in stock for 10 years from the date of purchase, ensuring your customers will not
create a makeshift fix, or replace the entire solution if a part breaks that is no longer in production.

• For some customers, we will “mirror ship” two installation kits, to mitigate the risk of defective components.

• We will maintain a website with your customer-specific videos and instruction manuals.

• We will provide a dedicated technical support hotline for your customers.