Solon, OH. – Platinum Partner Status.  MotionSource International today received the highest honor for a Graco partner being named Graco’s Platinum Partner for 2018 sales. While the Solon based MotionSource is largely recognized as a premier distributor, it is quite an honor for the the MotionSource team. MotionSource has helped Graco penetrate new markets and grow its industrial lubrication market.

“It’s very exciting to be named Graco’s Platinum Partner.” said Chip Hautala, MotionSource CEO and Founder. “Being the best in your industry is always stirring and a testimony to our team here. But to be able to grow a product line like Trabon and Manzel and repeat as a Platinum Partner shows how much our customers have learned to trust and rely on our team here.”

With a keen focus on delivering the best products, the best pricing with the best service, MotionSource has quickly become the most trusted source for Trabon, Manzel lubrication and pumps. Recently adding to its already more than 150 years of aggregate engineering experience MotionSource continues to distance itself from others in the centralized lubrication and hydraulic industries.

“Now our challenge is to repeat again this year,” said Hautala. “We’ve already told our team here that the true measure of our success is not being named Platinum once but to be able to repeat this annually with Graco and they respond.   From sales to customer service to engineering to production, our people here say they’re up to the challenge to repeat. One thing I’ve learned from working with this team is to not bet against them. This is just the first of many to be sure.”MotionSource

About Platinum Partner MotionSource 

MotionSource International LLC is a company formed by engineers and executives from different facets of the hydraulic and industrial lubricants industry all with a focus on service to our customers. As a premier supplier of Trabon, Manzel, Gerhardt, RAASM and LubeUSA lubrication systems you’re assured the best products at the best pricing. MotionSource is also a top supplier of Baldor, US Motors and WEG motors. We understand your needs as our product offering consists of industry leaders in pumping, dispensing and monitoring. We provide benefit driven industrial lubricant solutions that provide peace of mind for your bottom line. Join the people who tell you that now they’re, “working with The Source, MotionSource.”