MotionSource International, a leading hydraulic and lubrication manufacturing and distribution company in Solon, OH, has announced it has become the exclusive industrial lubrication distributor for simatec’s simalube® line of single-point automatic lubricators.  With US facilities in Wisconsin and North Carolina, simatec inc. is a family-owned, industry-leading innovator that is headquartered in Wangen an der Aare, in the heart of Switzerland.  They have produced high-performance lubrication and machinery maintenance products for over 30 years.

“simatec is lightyears ahead of other single point lubricators on the market,” said MotionSource Applications Engineer Joe Ciammaichella.  “Whereas others haven’t changed their design in years, simatec has invested countless hours of research and development into technologically advancing the process to improve uptime and operational safety.  You’d have to see it to appreciate it.”

The simalube line has sold millions of units around the world to date, and has proven to be revolutionary for any single-point lubricating need with either grease or oil. The automatic lubricators are available in five sizes ranging from 15ml all the way up to 250ml. Additionally, with an industry-leading gas-generating hydrogen drycell in each simalube product, all simalube lubricators can be refilled and reused up to three times depending upon environmental and lubricant conditions. Easily adjustable timed lubrication can range from a few seconds to twelve months. A free calculation app from simatec is available for iOS and Android and takes the guess work out of determining the perfect settings to ensure your equipment is perfectly lubricated 24/7/365.  Learn more at