Trabon MGO Divider Valves

Trabon MGO Divider Valves from MotionSource keep your largest and most demanding machines running trouble-free.

Trabon MGO Divider Valves

MGO Divider Valves

When critical bearings are hard at work on your largest machine tools, the Trabon MGO divider valve line of centralized and automatic lubrication systems is delivering precise amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals to every lube point–even in hard to reach areas.

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Trabon MGO Divider Valves Technical Information

Pressure (max)
3-7 section divider valve assembly  6000 psi (41 MPa, 414 bar)
8 section divider valve assembly  5500 psi (38 MPa, 379 bar)
9 section divider valve assembly  5000 psi (34 MPa, 345 bar)
10 section divider valve assembly  4500 psi (31 MPa, 310.3 bar)
11 section divider valve assembly  4000 psi (27 MPa, 27.6 bar)
Lubricant Oil or grease
Maximum Operating Temperature  200°F (93°C)
Maximum Cycle Rate with Cycle Pin 60 CPM
Maximum Cycle Rate without Cycle Pin 200 CPM


Trabon MGO Divider Valve Part Numbers

MGO Part Numbers
Description   Item Number
MGO 150S SAE 562570
MGO 300S SAE 562571
MGO 450S SAE 562572
MGO 600S SAE 562573
MGO 150T SAE 562574
MGO 300TS SAE 562575
MGO 450T SAE 562576
MGO 600T SAE 562577
MGO 150S SAE IND 562578
MGO 300S SAE IND 562579
MGO 450S SAE IND 562580
MGO 6000S SAE IND 562581
MGO 150T SAE IND 562582
MGO 300T SAE IND 562583
MGO 450T SAE IND 562584
MGO 600T SAE IND 562585
INLET, 563277
END 563278
Tie Rod Short MGO 3 560591
Tie Rod Short MGO 4 560592
Tie Rod Short MGO 5 560593
Tie Rod Short MGO 6 560594
Tie Rod Short MGO 7 560595
Tie Rod Short MGO 8 560596
Tie Rod Short MGO 9 560597
Tie Rod Short MGO 10 560598
Tie Rod Long MGO 3 560600
Tie Rod Long MGO 4 560601
Tie Rod Long MGO 5 560602
Tie Rod Long MGO 6 560603
Tie Rod Long MGO 7 15U857
Tie Rod Long MGO 8 560604
Tie Rod Long MGO 9 560605
Tie Rod Long MGO 10 560606
Nut 555406


MotionSource Designs and Builds MGO Valves

Did you know your divider valve assemblies can be designed, built and installed by MotionSource?  With a 24/7 full-service team, our Graco trained technicians speak your language and can complete assembly at our site or yours.  Every unit is tested before shipment and 100% guaranteed.

Order Today, Ship Today.  Trabon MGO divider valves are in stock and available for same day shipping.

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