Trabon MXP Divider Valve

With MotionSource you get genuine Trabon MXP divider valves from Graco. The industry standard for quality, reliability, and ease of use features they are synonymous for durability. Trabon MXP divider valves were the original modular-style series progressive divider valve–and customers agree it’s still the best!

Trabon MXP Divider Valves

MXP Divider Valves

Trabon MXP divider valves use a modular sub plate design, like the smaller MSP valves. The valve section containing the displacement piston is bolted to an individual sub plate. A complete divider valve assembly consists of an inlet section, an end section, and a minimum of three to a maximum of ten stacked sub plates and valve sections. These components are bolted together with three tie rods.

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The modular design means that outlet connections are made to the sub plate, and valve sections may be changed without disturbing existing tubing. More lubrication points may be added to an existing assembly by installing additional sub plates, valve sections, and outlet tubing. A bypass section is available allowing points of lubrication to be deleted (installing a bypass section) or added (removing an installed bypass section and replacing it with a valve section).

Trabon MXP Divider Valve Features

  • The Trabon MXP Series’ greater output volume makes it easy to customize your assembly to meet larger machine requirements.
  • Quick change valve sections can be removed from the base assembly without disturbing any lube lines–minimizing labor cost and maximizing your machine uptime.
  • Can be easily accessorized with magnetic and electronic proximity switch cycle indicators to provide positive assurance of a successful lube event.
  • Alternate outlet on face of valves can be fitted with optional performance indicators, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting.
  • Built-in outlet check valves ensure accurate lube delivery every time.
  • Choice of SAE, BSPP (ISO 1179), or NPSF inlet and outlet port threads.
  • MXPO base sections (without check valves) are available for circulating oil applications.

Trabon MXP Divider Valve Part Numbers

Size   Item Number   Old Item#   Size   Item Number   Old Item#
25T 562813 106-300-010
25S 562819 106-300-070 With Cycle Pin Right Side
50T 562814 106-300-020 50T 562825 106-300-130
50S 562820 106-300-080 50S 562830 106-300-180
75T 562815 106-300-030 75T 562826 106-300-140
75S 562821 106-300-090 75S 562831 106-300-190
100T 562816 106-300-040 100T 562827 106-300-150
100S 562822 106-300-100 100S 562832 106-300-200
125T 562817 106-300-050 125T 562828 106-300-160
125S 562823 106-300-110 125S 562833 106-300-210
150T 562818 106-300-060 150T 562829 106-300-170
150S 562824 106-300-120 150S 562834 106-300-220


Trabon MXP Divider Valve Components

Description   Item Number   Old Item#
Inlet (NPSF) 15R993 527-300-000
Inlet (SAE) 15R994 527-300-001
Inlet (BSPP) 561029 527-300-760
Base 563519 527-300-100
Base 563521 527-300-710
Base 563522 527-300-740
MXPO Base 563527 527-301-160
End 563518 527-300-090
Tie Rod (3 Section) 557766 527-300-270
Tie Rod (4 Section) 557767 527-300-280
Tie Rod (5 Section) 557768 527-300-290
Tie Rod (6 Section) 557769 527-300-300
Tie Rod (7 Section) 557770 527-300-310
Tie Rod (8 Section) 557771 527-300-320
Tie Rod (9 Section) 557772 527-300-330
Tie Rod (10 Section) 563520 527-300-340

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