Trabon USP Divider Valve

The Trabon USP Divider Valve from MotionSource offer series progressive metering in a one-piece block with no assembly required! It requires no special fittings, all fittings come with the USP valve block. Also, new with Trabon USP divider valves, the USP doubling plug for combining outlets on Graco USP valves.

USP Divider Valves

USP Divider Valves

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The USP Valve should be ready to install in your system. It has been factory-tested and should not require any additional modification. As long as lubricant is supplied under pressure, the valve will continue to operate . Whenever lubricant flow ceases, the valve pistons stop. When flow resumes, it will start again at the same point in the discharge cycle.


Trabon USP Divider Valve Outlet Adapters

Each block ships with the correct number of outlet adapters and seals. Install one adapter into each open outlet port. Be sure a seal is installed on each outlet adapter. Outlet adapters have standard threads for interfacing with tube fittings.

Trabon USP Divider Valves Part Numbers

USP Part Numbers
Item Number   Inlets   Thread
24E406 6 1/8 NPT
24E407 8 1/8 NPT
24E408 10 1/8 NPT
24E409 12 1/8 NPT
24E410 14 1/8 NPT
24E411 16 1/8 NPT


Trabon USP Divider Valves System Design and Installation

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Download Your Trabon USP Divider Valve Manual

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